Hodges' Model: Welcome to the QUAD: September 2015

- learn about the conceptual framework Hodges' model. A tool that can help integrate HEALTH and SOCIAL CARE, INFORMATICS and EDUCATION. The model is situated, facilitates person-centredness, integrated - holistic care and reflective practice. A new site using Drupal is an ongoing aim - the creation of a reflective workbench. Email: h2cmng @ yahoo.co.uk Welcome

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

ERCIM News No. 103 Special Theme: "Augmented Reality"

Dear ERCIM News Reader,

ERCIM News No. 103 has just been published at

Special Theme: "Augmented Reality"

Guest editors:
- Constantine Stephanidis, ICS-FORTH, Greece
- Eija Kaasinen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

This issue is also available for download in pdf and ebpub

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Next issue: No. 104, January 2016 - Special Theme: "Life Science"

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Peter Kunz
ERCIM News central editor

Monday, September 28, 2015

Drupalcon Barcelona: Researching code contributions, Mental health and SVG

Winding the calendar back to 2008 and Szeged, Hungary I doubted I would see it: 'depression', 'anxiety' and other mental health - related concepts writ-large in a Drupalcon presentation. And not just any presentation, but a community keynote.

Drupalcon Barcelona 2015 Mike Bell 24 Sept keynote
Mike Bell has repeatedly shown great courage as he has refined his presentation and delivered in full last Thursday in Barcelona:

Mental Health and Open Source

Mike's a key personality within the NW (UK) Drupal User Group also helping to make local Drupalcamps a reality.

As a sign of several things:
  • 2008 is a long time ago;
  • Drupalcon has travelled far and wide around Europe;
  • I've still no new website;
  • Drupal itself has evolved from 4.7 to Dries Buytaert's announcement in his keynote that Drupal 8 release candidate will follow on October 7;
- this conjunction of mental health and the world of code is quite significant at this point in time. If I can pass the remaining assignments I'm due to move from part 1 to part 2 of studies at Lancaster University in February. Sooner in terms of formulating a research question. This is where Drupal, Hodges' model and Technology Enhanced Learning will (must) be fused.

David Rozas (left)

Of course there were many other sessions and another keynote of particular interest as Mike shared the community keynote session with David Rozas:

Talk is silver, code is gold? Contribution beyond source code in Drupal

Computer science is about as academic as you can get, but how refreshing to find research methodologies, methods, data... and mental health sharing a keynote session. It was brilliant to see open source - Drupal embracing research, seeking an evidence base not just for what makes the machines tick but the contributors too.

Drupalcon David Corbacho Román

For quite a few years I've followed the rise, waning and what seems a rebirth for SVG.

Next generation graphics: SVG

David Corbacho Román's session is a great source for tips and resources and also demonstrated just how dynamic the web can be. You can follow the sessions through the links.

I'll post on Drupal and Drupalcon again soon.

Thanks to all the sponsors of Drupalcon Barcelona.

UNscathed in Politics and Sociology?

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Secretary General

"If everything goes wrong, I become an easy scapegoat - we joke that "SG" , or secretary-general, is now standing for scapegoat," he continues. "I don't complain about this. But when there is a unity of purpose and solidarity among security council members, particularly the five permanent members, you can real things." Tett (2015).

Additional links:
René Girard (1923— ) Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Steven D. Brown In praise of the parasite: the dark organizational theory of Michel Serres.

Maria L. Assad Reading with Michel Serres: An Encounter with Time

My source:
Gillian Tett, (2015) Lunch with the FT Ban Ki-moon, 'I'm an easy scapegoat', Life, FT Weekend, 19-20 September, p.3.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Photograph 51 Unbecoming

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Unbecoming: Book cover

Image source:
Unbecoming: Goodreads

Friday, September 11, 2015

ZX Spectrum: Whatever next - models of nursing / care?

My computing interest began with the Sinclair ZX81. Back then models of nursing and nursing theory were seemingly everywhere. Do they say history repeats itself: well almost.

Friday, September 04, 2015

A rolling issue: Parity of esteem in physical & mental healthcare

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"What about social care?"

"Did you hear something then?"

Image source: