- learn about the conceptual framework Hodges' model. A tool that can help integrate HEALTH and SOCIAL CARE, INFORMATICS and EDUCATION. The model is situated, facilitates person-centredness, integrated - holistic care and reflective practice. A new site using Drupal is an ongoing aim - the creation of a reflective workbench. Email: h2cmng @ yahoo.co.uk Welcome

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

ERCIM News No. 103 Special Theme: "Augmented Reality"

Dear ERCIM News Reader,

ERCIM News No. 103 has just been published at 

Special Theme: "Augmented Reality"

Guest editors:
- Constantine Stephanidis, ICS-FORTH, Greece
- Eija Kaasinen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

This issue is also available for download in pdf and ebpub

Thank you for your interest in ERCIM News. Feel free to forward this message to others who might be interested.

Next issue: No. 104, January 2016 - Special Theme: "Life Science"

Best regards,
Peter Kunz
ERCIM News central editor

ERCIM "Alain Bensoussan" Fellowship Programme
ERCIM offers fellowships for PhD holders from all over the world.
Next application deadline: 30 September 2015
Don't miss the European Computer Science Summit (ECSS) 2015, 12-14 October in Vienna

The keynotes of this event are briefly presented in ERCIM News
is published quarterly by ERCIM, the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics.
The printed edition will reach about 6000 readers.
This email alert reaches more than 7500 subscribers.
ERCIM - the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics - aims to foster collaborative work within the European research community and to increase co-operation with European industry. Leading European research institutes are members of ERCIM. ERCIM is the European host of W3C.

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and join the open ERCIM LinkedIn Group http://www.linkedin.com/groups/ERCIM-81390

Monday, September 28, 2015

Drupalcon Barcelona: Researching code contributions, Mental health and SVG

Winding the calendar back to 2008 and Szeged, Hungary I doubted I would see it: 'depression', 'anxiety' and other mental health - related concepts writ-large in a Drupalcon presentation. And not just any presentation, but a community keynote.

Drupalcon Barcelona 2015 Mike Bell 24 Sept keynote
Mike Bell has repeatedly shown great courage as he has refined his presentation and delivered in full last Thursday in Barcelona:

Mental Health and Open Source

Mike's a key personality within the NW (UK) Drupal User Group also helping to make local Drupalcamps a reality.

As a sign of several things:
  • 2008 is a long time ago;
  • Drupalcon has travelled far and wide around Europe;
  • I've still no new website;
  • Drupal itself has evolved from 4.7 to Dries Buytaert's announcement in his keynote that Drupal 8 release candidate will follow on October 7;
- this conjunction of mental health and the world of code is quite significant at this point in time. If I can pass the remaining assignments I'm due to move from part 1 to part 2 of studies at Lancaster University in February. Sooner in terms of formulating a research question. This is where Drupal, Hodges' model and Technology Enhanced Learning will (must) be fused.

David Rozas (left)

Of course there were many other sessions and another keynote of particular interest as Mike shared the community keynote session with David Rozas:

Talk is silver, code is gold? Contribution beyond source code in Drupal

Computer science is about as academic as you can get, but how refreshing to find research methodologies, methods, data... and mental health sharing a keynote session. It was brilliant to see open source - Drupal embracing research, seeking an evidence base not just for what makes the machines tick but the contributors too.

Drupalcon David Corbacho Román

For quite a few years I've followed the rise, waning and what seems a rebirth for SVG.

Next generation graphics: SVG

David Corbacho Román's session is a great source for tips and resources and also demonstrated just how dynamic the web can be. You can follow the sessions through the links.

I'll post on Drupal and Drupalcon again soon.

Thanks to all the sponsors of Drupalcon Barcelona.

UNscathed in Politics and Sociology?

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Secretary General

"If everything goes wrong, I become an easy scapegoat - we joke that "SG" , or secretary-general, is now standing for scapegoat," he continues. "I don't complain about this. But when there is a unity of purpose and solidarity among security council members, particularly the five permanent members, you can real things." Tett (2015).

Additional links:
René Girard (1923— ) Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Steven D. Brown In praise of the parasite: the dark organizational theory of Michel Serres

Maria L. Assad Reading with Michel Serres: An Encounter with Time

My source:
Gillian Tett, (2015) Lunch with the FT Ban Ki-moon, 'I'm an easy scapegoat', Life, FT Weekend, 19-20 September, p.3.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

BMA Information Fund 2015: Now accepting applications

Dear Friends

The BMA Information Fund 2015 is now open for applications until 5.00pm (BST) on Monday 28th September, or until 100 applications are received. (Please note: this is an extension to the deadline currently shown on the BMA website).

The Information Fund provides health information and educational materials to health-focussed organisations in developing countries.

Who can apply?

  • Health care institutions
  • Medical schools
  • Libraries
  • Health-focused non-governmental organisations and similar organisations
What do we donate?
  • Educational and training materials (e.g. books, CDs, DVDs).
  • There is a maximum limit of £1500 for each application. However, quantities requested may be reduced due to the high number of applications. 
  • We do not donate money.
How to apply:

I realise the deadline is quite soon and my apologies for that but hopefully it will give enough time for you to circulate to organisations who may be interested in applying.

Best wishes

Martin Carroll
Deputy Head
OISC Level 1 Immigration Adviser
International Department
Policy Directorate
British Medical Association
London, UK

The BMA is registered by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) to provide basic immigration advice to BMA members in matters relating to their employment in the UK (OISC reference N200100094).

Let's build a future where people are no longer dying for lack of healthcare knowledge. Join HIFA: www.hifa2015.org

Over 500,000 children die every year from diarrhoea caused by unclean water and poor sanitation. Help end this crisis: www.endwaterpoverty.org

My source: GANM

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Health Literacy Conference 2016: Glasgow, UK

Dear Health Literacy Group Members,

We are delighted to announce that the next Health Literacy Conference will be on Friday 18th March 2016 at the Beardmore Hotel and Conference Centre, Glasgow.

Entitled 'Health Literacy at the Deep End: addressing health inequalities', it will feature high-profile, key note speakers from across the UK, presenting on current thinking, practice and research. It will also be possible to register for a unique, pre-conference event demonstrating how the ALISS online system is making a difference in deprived areas of Glasgow.

Please consider submitting an abstract for a presentation or a poster, as we welcome submissions from practitioners and researchers, working in a range of related fields. If you have further questions please contact j.protheroe AT keele.ac.uk.

We look foward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes,

Jo Protheroe
Conference Chair
Health Literacy Group UK

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

1st EAI International Conference on Games fOr WELL-being [GOWELL]

1st EAI International Conference
on Games fOr WELL-being

14 June, 2016 | Budapest, Hungary


In recent years applied gaming approaches, gamification techniques, game-related technologies and devices for health and wellbeing management and recovery increased their relevance. The EAI Games fOr WELL-being conference has been created to present the latest emerging applications for improving the quality of everybody's personal experience and promoting adaptive behaviors and positive functioning. The conference will be co-located with

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Free Event for Public Sector Attendees: Digital Transformation In The Public Sector

Thursday 24th September | 9:00AM – 12:00PM BST | MediaCityUK M50 2ST

A recent report says that unless government organisations overhaul the way they work, they will fail to deliver savings required by the Conservative government.

The call comes after prime minister David Cameron announced on Friday that he wants to create a “smarter state” to meet efficiency cuts. As most organisations are only 20% of the way through their business transformation process, Public Sector “needs to up its game” on digital transformation if this vision is to be realised.

This event will provide insight into The Digital Imperative; why it is vital for public sector organisations to embrace the digital revolution; along with an in-depth look at User Centred Design. Including best practice hints and tips to ensure that your digital transformation projects are accepted and understood by your users.

Places are limited so click here to register for your FREE delegate pass and download the supporting paper Putting The User First.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Photograph 51 Unbecoming

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Unbecoming: Book cover

Additional links:
Photograph 51 Play

Unbecoming by Jenny Downham: GoodReads

Image source:
Unbecoming: Amazon

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Fifth Annual Call for Submissions from Stylus and Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Good evening!

The editorial board of Stylus would be humbled if you shared the below message with your list-serves and the Penn community. We hope to create a public forum for narrative medicine at UPENN.

Thank you!
Sibel Ozcelik and Farrah Alkhaleel
Co-Editors of Stylus

Stylus http://www.themedicalstylus.com/
and the Perelman School of Medicine are pleased to announce the Fifth Annual Call for short stories, essays, poetry, op/eds, visual arts, photographs and proposals for special issues.

Founded in 2010, the journal is a peer-reviewed literary and art journal with an emphasis on the medical humanities. Issued annually in both online and print versions, the journal is based in UPENN, and has distinguished itself for its interdisciplinary purview, unifying the overarching goals of public health, medicine, and social justice. By sharing healthcare professionals interpersonal experiences through literature and art, we give a voice to medicine and science. Past and prospective authors and artists include professors, outstanding and prize-winning scholars, physicians, nurses, dentists, social workers, health lawyers, public health advocates, nutritionists, psychologists and even undergraduates who are just beginning their journey in the health care field. Regardless, every voice deserves to be heard and to be valued.

We invite you to share your story and/or art.

Submit your pieces here. http://www.themedicalstylus.com/submit/

If you would like to nominate a contributor, e-mail the names and addresses of your nominees to the attention of Dr. Zachary Meisel, Dr. Horace Delisser and the co-chief editors of Stylus by October 15, 2015. We will then contact the students you nominate with further instructions on submitting their pieces by the October 3oth deadline.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sibel Ozcelik, MS at the e-mail address listed above, or at (732) 213-0713.

We hope to see your piece in the next issue of Stylus.

Sibel Ozcelik
Co-Chief Editor of Stylus

*If you would like to be involved on the design or literary editorial board, submit resumes and cover letters to pennmedjournal AT gmail.com .

HIFA profile: Sibel Ozcelik is a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania in the USA. Professional interests: Health care, ethics, health care policy and law, access, quality, global health, maternal and infant care, non-profit hospitals. sozcelik AT law.upenn.edu
1-30 September 2015: HIFA is hosting a thematic discussion on CHW Data for Decision Making, sponsored by One Million Community Health Workers campaign and mPowering Frontline Health Workers. More info: http://www.hifa2015.org/2015/08/29/new-sponsored-discussion-on-hifa-chw-data-for-decision-making/

Friday, September 11, 2015

ZX Spectrum: Whatever next - models of nursing / care?

My computing interest began with the Sinclair ZX81. Back then models of nursing and nursing theory were seemingly everywhere. Do they say history repeats itself: well almost.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

International Dementia Awards 2015

Dear CHAIN member,

We would like to draw your attention to the following opportunity. Please pass on as appropriate. Thank you.

International Dementia Awards 2015

The Dementia Services Development Centre, UK and the Care & Dementia Show established the International Dementia Awards to recognise organisations and individuals who have worked to improve the quality of life of people with dementia.

The awards celebrate the important work being undertaken to support people with dementia internationally and are a celebration of innovation and good practice.

Award categories are as follows:
  • Dementia & the Arts 
  • Dementia Leader of the Year 
  • Dementia Festival Award 
  • Service Innovation Team of the Year 
  • Dementia Design Innovation of the Year 
  • Housing and Dementia 
The awards will be presented by Baroness Joan Bakewell, as part of the International Dementia Conference in Birmingham as the centrepiece of the Conference Dinner on November 3rd.

Nominations are invited from across the globe and we would like to encourage nominations from a wide range of backgrounds.

Nominations close at 5PM UK time on 20th September.

For more details please see: http://dementia.stir.ac.uk/international-dementia-conference/international-dementia-awards-2015


Irina Johnston
CHAIN Administrative Assistant

CHAIN - Contact, Help, Advice and Information Network – is an online international network for people working in health and social care. For more information on CHAIN and joining the network please visit website: http://chain.ulcc.ac.uk/chain/index.html

Follow CHAIN on Twitter: @CHAIN_Network ; Find us on Facebook; Connect with CHAIN on LinkedIn

Friday, September 04, 2015

A rolling issue: Parity of esteem in physical & mental healthcare

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"What about social care?"

"Did you hear something then?"

Image source: