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Friday, April 27, 2007

Hodges' model - How many interfaces are there?

If you were stood at the centre of Hodges' model - the nexus - where exactly is that 'place'? Looking out from there what would you see?

In a way from that vantage point our senses and imagination should encounter precisely whatever the model is capable of modelling?

One of the four reasons for the creation of the model was to assure an holistic approach. Well consider this a mind experiment, a test. So, what do you think?
Would you be at the heart of SOME-things, or the heart of ALL-things?

You would certainly be at the heart-of and part-of an interface.

This (possibly daft?) question needs to be asked. Why? Well, because an effective interface should be - at least - two-way.

So what interface(s) does Hodges' model need to handle? If h2cm provides the scaffold, what are we then able to build?

When Brian posed the initial questions when formulating the model he conducted a scoping exercise. The outcome determined the scope of the model, but what sort of scope? Is this scaffold sufficient to model the many situations, phenomena and issues encountered within health, social and pastoral care and without?

On the website I've identified six interfaces that I believe can be accommodated within Hodges' model:

  1. FACE 2 FACE [person - person]
  2. HUMAN 2 MACHINE [person - device]
Six interfaces

When you wrap up these interfaces, you've created quite a curriculum!

Looks like we are back where we started in previous posts - a house of ideas!
No surprise there then; and of course there aren't just one or two dice being thrown here. Time and information: the messengers between the interfaces changes our priorities constantly...

"Never a dull moment!" Of course no wonder, that's what makes health and social care so interesting!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Back Home Again, 1st birthday & Conference!

Hi everyone. Home again.

A day later due to a medical emergency which caused the flight from Manchester to Crete to return to the UK and be grounded at Gatwick. So our flight was cancelled for 18+ hours. We were looked after but it was quite late. The holiday was great, though as expected the pool and sea were on the cooler side. The season only starts proper in May; it was lovely to explore without the usual crowds and summer heat.

The resort Elounda in East Crete was magic. We managed to visit Knossos and Lato. In some respects Lato seemed the more impressive even though there was less physically there. The place had more 'presence' somehow.

On BBC 2 last week a programme put forward the idea that Knossos isn't a palace, it's a temple.

A jewel for Elounda was Spinalonga, bizarrely Christine my wife bought the book in Knutsford last September, before we booked the holiday and has yet to read it. Weird that. We crossed to the island from Plaka. Had lunch afterwards in the boat owners taverna looking across to the island. I've photos to share with you over the coming weeks and months (ok calm down) not all at once and no cheesy grins.

Changing the subject: I was going to raise my hands and admit my hypocrisy.

One minute posting environmental sentiments; the next flying off on holiday.

Well it gets worse.

Coming home - great news - I've an invite to present a paper at a conference in Charleston, SC in July.

It's the Society for Philosophy and Technology Biennial Meeting. So I'm really grateful to the organisers for this opportunity and am trying to raise some funds to get there (and offset the carbon!?).

More to follow - now we are one (year old) and searching for the many...

And of course wherever you are - you get to hear of tragic events.


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Buckets and Spades - Fit to Drupe...

I'm away for two weeks from Tuesday on holiday with my wife and daughter. So you can have a break too!
Never been to Crete before, but I believe the wild flowers and Easter time is very special. We plan to get into the mountains as well as the coast and ancient sites. I love the Med. Greece, Turkey, Italy... The people, history, food, climate and snorkelling great, although not sure it will be that warm for us. I think we are actually the first flight out for the season. Not sure if it will be possible so early on to visit Santorini - we'll see.
BBC4 has featured programmes on the Med covering geology and art.
Holiday reading includes Drupal. I’ve downloaded files including text and screencasts. What I really need is a block of time to fully grasp the basics on my PC and in my head! As mentioned previously I had a bare bones Drupal site successfully installed using XAMP. When I went back to it - yep I'd lost the plot. In the end I scrubbed it all. It may have salvageable, but my book David Mercer's 'Drupal' uses Apache2Triad. So I went with that. Now I've successfully installed another bare bones Drupal test site, learning in the process.
Some things I've noticed already:
Drupal content types includes blog, book, forum, story and much more...
The blocks to build a site are the usual elements of header, main, side bar(s) and footer.
I think this blog Welcome to the Quad will continue, but there's two other possibilities:
  1. They say there's a book in everyone (which of course includes our readers!). So unsurprisingly, the Drupal book content type might be really useful to begin a collaborative outline for a open source book on Hodges' model. Believe me this won't happen without the views and input of others, but h2cm is a cognitive currency that must be shared. I say currency not in the monetary sense but the sense of a shared value.
  2. There's a world of expertise out there and c/o the Global Alliance for Nursing and Midwifery there's the possibility of a community of practice devoted to Global Frameworks for Health. This is about being open-minded in terms of other generic high-level frameworks. In resorting to Drupal I don't want to reinvent the wheel, if there are existing communities to join then let's get on with it.
It will be great to put together a dynamic site and look for a serious hosting solution. I should have done this years ago. Maybe though (to rationalise a little) everything happens in its own time - whatever that means...

Finally started a banner for the blog (so far it's erm a bit bubbly) and podcast 2 is nearly there. I have still not heard about the Serres-Hodges chapter effort (the web version is not that submitted), was supposed to last month.
Ruby's going on holiday too (for reading) and something lighter for the sake of the case and relationships. There's another post about the great books and music that somehow passes us by. I've never read Don Quixote - so I could put that right.
I’ll pack an art pad too. The door to that room is going to creak like mad, but it will be worth pushing ajar and walking through. Once there, at least five other doors beckon. Something to share with Beth. Bye for now.
See you sometime after the 18th!