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Friday, April 27, 2007

Hodges' model - How many interfaces are there?

If you were stood at the centre of Hodges' model - the nexus - where exactly is that 'place'? Looking out from there what would you see?

In a way from that vantage point our senses and imagination should encounter precisely whatever the model is capable of modelling?

One of the four reasons for the creation of the model was to assure an holistic approach. Well consider this a mind experiment, a test. So, what do you think?
Would you be at the heart of SOME-things, or the heart of ALL-things?

You would certainly be at the heart-of and part-of an interface.

This (possibly daft?) question needs to be asked. Why? Well, because an effective interface should be - at least - two-way.

So what interface(s) does Hodges' model need to handle? If h2cm provides the scaffold, what are we then able to build?

When Brian posed the initial questions when formulating the model he conducted a scoping exercise. The outcome determined the scope of the model, but what sort of scope? Is this scaffold sufficient to model the many situations, phenomena and issues encountered within health, social and pastoral care and without?

On the website I've identified six interfaces that I believe can be accommodated within Hodges' model:

  1. FACE 2 FACE [person - person]
  2. HUMAN 2 MACHINE [person - device]
Six interfaces

When you wrap up these interfaces, you've created quite a curriculum!

Looks like we are back where we started in previous posts - a house of ideas!
No surprise there then; and of course there aren't just one or two dice being thrown here. Time and information: the messengers between the interfaces changes our priorities constantly...

"Never a dull moment!" Of course no wonder, that's what makes health and social care so interesting!

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