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Monday, April 23, 2007

Back Home Again, 1st birthday & Conference!

Hi everyone. Home again.

A day later due to a medical emergency which caused the flight from Manchester to Crete to return to the UK and be grounded at Gatwick. So our flight was cancelled for 18+ hours. We were looked after but it was quite late. The holiday was great, though as expected the pool and sea were on the cooler side. The season only starts proper in May; it was lovely to explore without the usual crowds and summer Med. heat.

The resort Elounda in East Crete was magic. We managed to visit Knossos and Lato. In some respects Lato seemed the more impressive even though there was less physically there. The place had more 'presence' somehow.

On BBC 2 last week a programme put forward the idea that Knossos isn't a palace, it's a temple. I could go with that.

A jewel for Elounda was Spinalonga, bizarrely Christine my wife bought the book in Knutsford last September, before we booked the holiday and has yet to read it. Weird that. We crossed to the island from Plaka. Had lunch afterwards in the boat owners taverna looking across to the island. I've photos to share with you over the coming weeks and months (ok calm down) not all at once and no cheesy grins.

Changing the subject: I was going to raise my hands and admit my hypocrisy.

One minute posting environmental sentiments; the next flying off on holiday.

Well it gets worse.

Coming home - great news - I've an invite to present a paper at a conference in Charleston, SC in July.

It's the Society for Philosophy and Technology Biennial Meeting. So I'm really grateful to the organisers for this opportunity and am trying to raise some funds to get there (and offset the carbon!?).

More to follow - now we are one (year old) and searching for the many...

And of course wherever you are - you get to hear of tragic events.


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