Hodges' Model: Welcome to the QUAD: September 2006

- learn about the conceptual framework Hodges' model. A tool that can help integrate HEALTH and SOCIAL CARE, INFORMATICS and EDUCATION. The model is situated, facilitates person-centredness, integrated - holistic care and reflective practice. A new site using Drupal is an ongoing aim - the creation of a reflective workbench. Email: h2cmng @ yahoo.co.uk Welcome

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Podcast: update - Powerpoint-OPML & Barry White

The draft for the first cast is now complete and finished @ 2,800 words. The stock market should take note of this, because the drug companies are in for a hiding. Hypnotics they don't know the first thing!

Well I hope it isn't gong to be that bad. There's no way I can do this without a script - and some tools. Realising I'll have more content than just the audio file made me wonder about being able to produce a package of sorts:

1. Outline of cast - Powerpoint slides
2. The audio file
3. The full podcast notes

I came across a 5 minute video by Laura Bergelis that may be worth a look for you too? You provide the Powerpoint presentation and it shows how to convert this to OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) an outline format. The OPML code has the audio file included, although when I tried this is missing.

In the 'studio' practising I turned the treble down to get rid of the background hiss, at first I thought it was an advance audience with pre-cognition. Problem then though I sound like Barry White. Hey, I know that's no bad thing and yes I luuuvvvv nursing, but this is serious and fun... On a slightly critical note (which figures) I still don't know where on Earth to host this - I'm sure I haven't got the bandwidth - any ideas anyone?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Paper on Serres & Hodges' model - great news progress!

Earlier this month I mentioned a project that has proved something of a saga starting in 2003 - the paper on Michel Serres and Hodges' model. Well yesterday I received an e-mail bearing great news: provisional acceptance for a publication due in 2007. And not just a paper, but a chapter no less of between 5000-7000 words. This has really made my month. I've still work to do of course, but it just goes to show: don't give up!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Modelling Belief, Leadership & Group Cognitive Therapy Older People

For the past two years come this Nov I have been occupied purely with health informatics. The clinical knowledge and experience of my colleagues and I have proved very beneficial in supporting the enormous changes taking place in our organisation and throughout the NHS. As 'Clinical Specialists' though, we are acutely aware of how quickly you can lose touch, how quickly your credibility with peers can start to wane. Of course, there's a whole debate around this which includes academic staff...

That debate aside - added factors for me are belief, leadership closely allied with Hodges' model. So some great news to report, a new job description means 25% of my time will be a return to clinical work (can you hear running feet?). The plan is to devote this time to establishing and running group therapy.

It's a really exciting prospect: finding a co-worker, planning, preparation, therapy manual / protocols, tools, materials, measures, records, supervision, engaging referrers AND clients!

Connecting with people - that's what IT's about. Having the time to focus on a therapy would be great. I've wanted to do this for so long. How many of us undertake specific therapy training, but are not able to practice? Now without a caseload of 25-30 and Team Leader responsibilities...

I don't know my co-worker as yet. Have they heard of Hodges' model? They will have their own cognitive and practical tools and views on others... They need not worry (I don't like pate), but if there's an opportunity to incorporate Hodges' model then my belief, leadership need be at the fore. It's early days - but fingers are x'd...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Mental Health Nursing - Lessons Learnt

On the Psychiatric Nursing list a new student posted saying 'hello' and seeking pointers. Given my 21+ years experience I pondered and sent what I hope will be a few pearls of wisdom:

* Learn to listen
* Learn from your clients - they are the experts
* Be yourself
* Look after yourself (1st lesson of 1st aid!)
* Do not prejudge
* Visiting people in their home - you are a guest - and not always welcome.
* Always remember you were a learner once
* You are also a learner today and tomorrow...
* With therapies always check the 'use by date'
* What aptitude~ is to engineering, so attitude is to health and social care
* Make 100% use of your placements - golden opportunities
* Always be ready to think on your feet
* So - keep an effective yet accessible toolkit in your head
* Take nothing personal - except constructive criticism
* Seek supervision - never be afraid to ask
* That's quite a gift: the talking mirror use wisely

Do some students squander their placements, like teenagers always thinking about the next year? It's the great opportunity to learn about in-patient, community - outreach services and the various therapuetic approaches. That's the problem though - if I knew then ....

~Aptitude does help when wielding injections...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Podcast - ok let's get the show on the road....

Wherever you look, or should that be - look and listen? - podcasts abound.

I've just downloaded the latest copy of Audacity and managed, using my son's audio kit to create an mp3 test file. Playing back though Audacity it's a bit low in amplitude, but sounds quiet good. Thirty years ago aping around with electric guitars my old Akai mic is still sound. No great shakes in creating an mp3 file I know, but it's a start. All I need to figure out is what to say.... Mmmm... Maybe something like this ....

Part 1 Welcome to the Quad Part 1 Introduction
Part 2 Part 2
Part 3 Application[s] or App. 1,2,3,4
Part X The Art of Hodges Model
Part X Why Hodges Model Matters ...

At the same time, I must finish the Hodges-Serres paper. This started in 2003. Most of an older version is on the site - with some images not suited to the standard journals. I've had some excellent support and feedback thus far, so the delay/struggle rests with me. Can't connect with the right journal and that speaks volumes (no pun intended) for the quality. In a way that isn't surprising [que rationalisation]. Serres is apparently very difficult for academics to summarise (let alone me) and in addition the paper echoes something of Serres' random flight with I hope the more recent addition of a little order. Podcast now I wonder ....?