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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Bits and Pieces II: Better put the kettle on...

Well my tickets booked for Charleston, SC and the Society for Philosophy and Technology Conference in July. Still to sort the accommodation and conference fee. I've applied for funding from two organisations and hopefully the response will be positive on both counts, great news that I've £200 as a start.

I'm on the final stretch too for the book chapter, which combines Hodges' model, Serres and informatics - fingers x'd and just a day or two until I need to send it off! Can't wait to have this (successfully) done and dusted. Must move on...

The past month and evening I've really enjoyed the 50th birthday TV celebrations for the Sky at Night and Patrick Moore's contribution to astronomy. Absolutely - MEGA. April's Episode - Time Lord must be a TV prize winner - informative, funny and great entertainment. Looking forward to the next 50 years!

I've read through David Mercer's - Drupal and yep I'm still keen to push to boat out. Home for over 2/52 and not even managed to log-in to Drupal, but I will!

Getting to grips with this particular content management system is good, because I'll have to pick up some Apache, MySQL and PHP.

If you're familiar with the website on Hodges' model, you'll recognise that the links pages need checking regularly. If you are new or have never scrolled down:

psychology, human computer interface, accessibility, mental health, therapies, philosophy, theology, artificial intelligence and knowledge management, ideas...

anthropology, qualitative research, sociology, health protection & promotion &
change theory, patients, carers and advocates, health, social & pastoral care practitioners, art, media, culture, & tech., collaborative computer supported working...

nursing theory, astronomy, science, maths and logic, quantitative research, info sources, evidence based practice, governance & complexity, informatics, diagrams, visualization, virtual reality, markup languages, environment, ecology & eco-system health...

human rights, citizenry, employment, standards, policy, democracy & law, activism, development & poverty, economics, community informatics, commercial, info. assurance & governance, organisations, open source & trade principles...

Once the chapter's submitted I'll get the links check done. Then I can focus on other things. This is my take on the links for Hodges domains. Would you move, add or delete any?

What could I do with these links pages and Drupal I wonder?

I notice that MEDINFO 2010 is to be held in Cape Town. Alpha Centauri! Sure would love to see the Southern night sky. That would be quite a project (offsetting the CO2).

If your project/work has you puzzled at the moment: take heart...

Could you manage this!

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