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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ecotherapy: Hey Surf's Up - Better grab your sunbed

Having an eye for 'therapy-this' and 'that-therapy', a report on ecotherapy has appeared on the MIND website, blogs and other media. It's not new really, although the researched approach is very welcome. The mental health benefits of volunteering and the great outdoors have been recognised for countless years.

This summer - August in fact, there's an opportunity to do something different that also has an outdoor theme. It means putting that surf board down and getting the sun bed out: after midnight. Now is the time to do some networking and planning - at that time of night of course you must be safe and this is an experience to share with people you know and trust.

This is 'astrotherapy' which is connected to ecotherapy because venturing out you realise how light it is at night - where is the night sky!

Why go out and find dark skies? It's the PERSEID meteor shower and this summer with maximum the 12-13 August there is no full moon.

You can also check on whether the International Space Station (AND Space Shuttle on this occasion!) will pass within sight for your location.

When you can and do look at the stars it's quite a trip. If you are feeling depressed or lacking in self-esteem, if you let the view work its magic - it sure can make you feel insignificant and yet so very special. Gifted: to look the infinite in the eye...

Mind - Go green to beat the blues - Executive Summary

Some obvious tips: If travelling somewhere even with others check the site during the day. If needed: get permission - tell someone; take extra clothes and a hat - midges, mozzies. If you've a torch cover it with a transparent red film (red hanky even) so it doesn't mess your (and others!) night vision as much. Support your neck properly, you can't stand and crane your neck for hours - besides you'll look daft the next day walking into work - hey I know. If you are in the back garden and see a meteor don't shout out. The buckets of water will fly. Give yourself a good 10-15 minutes to light-dark adapt. Don't forget the flask! Be patient and I'm sure you'll be rewarded...

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