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Monday, June 04, 2007

Help Wanted: Arts, Media and Health Studies Students

It’s a regular student's dilemma: with assignment in hand find a worthy project that truly matches the brief and your creative talents.

For arts students a project that is in the form of a commission is highly desirable, reflecting the real world and future artist-client relationships. If there are any tutors reading, I (or h2cm) can provide several commissions, although I'm afraid without financial reimbursement. ...

The h2cm site would benefit from the attention of an artistic eye.

• A banner is still needed for the blog, preferably something that changes dynamically.

Here's one idea I worked up, but it's not exactly subtle?

2hcm banner image
• There are numerous images on the website that need a refresh of more than a coat of paint.

• Photoshop, Illustrator and other applications are often used to create montages. Hodges' model may at first appear blanc, but within the care domains lie hidden layers. A complex montage of ideas and concepts awaiting release and expression.

• If none of the above appeal, h2cm can help inspire and support any brief – being a regular smorgasbord for creative types.

Lecturers/tutors: if your students use Hodges' model from the outset, do they get extra marks if they include their 'working out - calculations'?

• I’ve often wondered about the model’s two axes being represented as a place.

What would it be like to take a walk along these streets illustrated using cut-outs of health and social care problems, solutions and issues like so many shop-fronts?

Over to you and as the (Northern) academic year closes - have a great holiday....

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