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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Northern England CHE group; links and Mind Canvas

The Northern England Centre for Human Ecology interest group are meeting on the 30th June at Sedburgh. I've no exact details as yet, but plan to attend even though the following w/e I'm off to Charleston for the SPT conference. My wife and daughter may come along, we've never been to Sedburgh before, so we could meet up again after the meeting and have tea up there....

Here are a few links including an interesting site called Mind Canvas.


Slide share is really cool and well worth exploring.


At the above link you will find the following methods and visualizations you can explore. I like the category sorting example. Now what could we use that for...?

MindCanvas Methods
Research Method
Sort top 20 movies from American Film Institute
Dendogram (to see structure)
VocabularyBrowser (for labels)
SimilarityBrowser (to see similarity)
TreeSort study of movies & genres
Choose Cell phone features
WeightMap (for importance)
ClusterBrowser (to see groupings)
Cellphone freelisting study
List Map (for trends)
What do you think of Gap design
Quick: Find info on this Gap webpage

You can see how Web 2.0 makes it easier to create inviting interfaces and tackle quite complex research based questions. Could Web 2.0 also be a tool to support triangulation? This may still be quite a way off, but imagine what that could do for the research methods debate?

Anyway this reminds me: I've some slides to sort myself! Thanks for visiting.

To follow 'i3' - informatics, inclusion and integrated (and possibly Goethe).

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