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Monday, May 28, 2007

Four knowledge domains = four audiences?

I don't know if there is any sense in this, but people look for 'signs' all the time - don't we? With the last front-end revision of the website (early 2005) I had twigged that there are at least four audiences that an introduction to Hodges' model needs to address.

Looking at the care domains the following seemed to fall just right:

Patients and Carers : Students - Lifelong Learners

Public [Citizens] : Policy makers, Managers

These may be lost to many visitors (but not you!) given the surfing attention span. If people do access and digest the first page above, which acts as a general introduction, they may not reach the second audience specific page.

Should I swap these around?

What is provided on the first page of each, is a basic h2cm graphic showing some relevant concepts for that particular domain. (It's this representation that trivialises h2cm).

The introductions do need revising and updating. I found some typos on the student - sciences piece, so not the best effort.

I think overall though this approach works - it was a sign to me.

What do you think, any suggestions?

Ecotherapy to follow...

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