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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Invitation to post to the QUAD & human ecology

I've sent out some invites to people I've either worked with, or had contact with over the years since starting the website in 1997. Invitees will be able to contribute directly to this blog.

It would be great to have other authors on board, but of course I realise everyone is busy so I'm open minded. This move is long overdue and does me good in terms of 'letting go' and releasing H2CM into the wild.

Switching to the latest Blogger I lost haloscan. I've added it again to manage comments: purely in response to a sense of anticipation than demand. In doing so it appears I've lost earlier comments; although the correspondence is saved the loss is still a pain.

Job-wise things are a bit up in the air at present. Clinical - Informatics: both...?

There are plans afoot for another meeting of folks interested in human ecology and establishing a NW England group. Possible dates are:

  • Sat 9th or Sun 10th June
  • Sat 30th or Sun 1st July
  • Sun 8th July
The venue could be Sedburgh (lots of bookshops apparently!) or Manchester where we met in March. Let me know if you would like more information.

With the Serres-Hodges chapter now out the door (what a relief!) it would be good to write something collaboratively using some of the available e-tools.

More soon...

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