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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Don't waste energy - use a care plugin...

How often do policy makers refer to "joined-up care" while at the same time they strive for efficiency and effectiveness and the confusion that can arise there? As health and social care teams fall over themselves (efficiently) to deliver integrated and holistic care, they are also under pressure to attend to economy of effort. Resources are precious and must not be squandered. So often, despite the best efforts, the dots are not joined and the required rapid response falls short in terms of delivering interventions in the community that can prevent relapse and unnecessary admission.

There is no magic formula for success.

The management of complex care is - complex! There will always be the exceptions that challenge the scintillatingly best qualified, evidence based savvy, fully integrated, IT literate, multidisciplinary, Olympic standard health and social care team.

Given how readily we are seduced by the words we use, there is more holistic value to be found.

It needs to be discovered though -

So don't waste energy -

join all the dots and think holistically!

Image with many thanks: John Eric Hughes