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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mental health survivors create evolving timeline of the UK survivor/user movement

From: Jill Anderson
Sent: Monday, 15 September, 2008 17:08:22
Subject: Survivor/User movement timeline

The survivors history group has created an evolving timeline of the UK survivor/user movement. It can be viewed online at:


Will be an invaluable resource for teaching.

Best wishes,

Here is one entry of particular note for 1894:

A short story Passed is the first known published work of Charlotte Mew. The writer, walking in a poor area of London (Clerkenwell?), visits a church. She sees a gospel that the priest at the alter does not:

"Two girls holding each other's hands came in and stood in deep shadow behind the farthest rows of high-backed chairs by the door. The younger rolled her head from side to side; her shifting eyes and ceaseless imbecile grimaces chilled my blood. The other, who stood praying, turned suddenly (the place but for the flaring alter lights was dark) and kissed the dreadful creature by her side. I shuddered, and yet her face wore no look of loathing nor pity. The expression was a divine one of habitual love. She wiped the idiot's lips and stroked the shaking hands in hers, to quiet the sad hysterical caresses she would not check. It was a page of gospel which the old man with his back to it might never read. A sublime and ghastly scene."
The description may shock (See also 1916), but compare with Jayne Eyre in 1847 and the Care of Children Committee in 1946. The outstanding difference is the compassion.
The partner web resource of the survivors history timeline the - Mental Health History Timeline - is also well worth exploring.