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Thursday, September 11, 2008

BBC R4 Today - NHS productivity

Following the post yesterday - Don't waste energy - use a care plugin... - there was an item this morning on BBC R4 Today:

A report published by the Office for National Statistics suggests that NHS productivity has been falling by 2% a year. Martin Weale of the National Institute of Social and Economic Research, and Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley discuss the efficiency of the NHS.
There's no transcript of the interview so maybe I was (still) dreaming? At some stage though this a.m. a point was also made about the public (as tax payers and patients) either wanting to go into hospital to be treated and cured (quickly and efficiently) OR have a 'good' (positive) patient experience.

Why can't the two go hand-in-hand -
especially with all the emphasis on 'partnerships'?

Martin Weale highlighted how efficiency is not everything - people may have other requirements. If a patient is treated very efficiently and quickly - all evidence based, latest and greatest interventions - but their experience is at best neutral, or at worst negative, then how will that experience affect their recovery, staying well - relapse prevention - and any future care episodes and admissions? Complex indeed ...

- and Remembering...