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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Books: The Geometry of Meaning, Gärdenfors & Geometry and Meaning, Widdows

http://www.mitpressjournals.org/doi/pdf/10.1162/coli.2006.32.1.155There are two additions to my library. They are technical in parts and beyond my math and technical abilities, but as background this is essential reading.

The module 1 study, still to be marked provided a prompt to install R and obtain some summary statistics. Widdow's Geometry and Meaning includes details of the software used in the text. See the companion website below. While Gärdenfors' book The Geometry of Meaning is new, Widdow's text is a decade old and so demands some checking of software. I notice there are broken links on the companion site. The book, both in fact are great resources even as they increase the permanence of the geometry upon my furrowed brow...

Dominic Widdows, Geometry and Meaning - Companion website

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