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Monday, June 09, 2014

h2cm - Latest paper published in International Journal of Person Centered Medicine


The latest paper on Hodges' model is now published online:

Using a conceptual framework to explore the dimensions of recovery and their relationship to service user choice and self-determination


The concept of recovery is widely applied within service delivery in the field of mental health. The dimensions of recovery were explored using a singular conceptual framework known as Hodges’ model, which is shown to be suited to this particular task. This arises from the model’s structure, in that it encompasses the individual-group and a care domain specific to the political aspects of both health and social care. The evidence was found by relating recovery to the model’s care domains, which is also relevant to the experience of mental health service users and developments over the past decade in mental health service provision. Particular attention is given to the ‘Recovery Star’. This can be used as a key-working and outcomes tool. The discussion is also placed in a context of the current socio-economic climate, notably the ‘politics of recovery’ at a time of austerity.

With thanks to the editors, referees and to Gerry Bennison and Dawn Talbot for assisting in the beginning of this paper including their directions on the Recovery STAR; and for very helpful advice on the final drafts provided by Dr. Andrew Shepherd, and Prof. George Kernohan.

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