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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Human Ecology (and East Manchester)

This afternoon I had the great pleasure of meeting four people in Manchester who are alumni or currently studying with the Centre for Human Ecology. The CHE is based in Edinburgh and so we met to explore the possibility of a NW England CHE group.

My connection with CHE is limited to finding and linking to CHE many years ago. I've an interest in ecosystem health and the effects of urban and rural environments on mental health. I've also pondered a while on the mental health impact of global warming.

Before the meeting Andy took us from Piccadilly Station around the Ancoats - New Islington area part of historic East Manchester. Many former cotton mills are being regenerated. We were able to go into Royal Mills - 198 Historic & New Build Apartments; a stunning building and one of the first mills. No surprise there since Ancoats was the first industrial suburb. We were shown the show apartment, remarkably quiet, warm, stylish ... an award winning example of regeneration, although I'm not sure how affordable this development will be for many locals. That said, it seems the key to regeneration is to increase the local population, to attract new people into the area.Royal Mills East Manchester

I visit the area frequently heading to Leeds on the train Nov-May and taking my youngest son Matthew to the Velodrome, but that's in the car. Walking is of course a completely different experience: the old pub, empty block of flats, new homes, old homes, homes now memories, the air of expectation and frustration - the people! We listened to two locals who chatted about the road and major alterations under way around the old Ancoats Hospital.

According to Andy who arranged things today there are 12 people interested and so more meetings will follow. Great to meet you all - Andy, Jessie, Criggy, and Helen. Thanks to Andy for doing this, letting me use Hodges' model as an ice-breaker and to all for your interest. I look forward to learning more about courses that CHE offers, your various interests/projects and the emergent NW group.

Next time I must use my camera! The single frame I did shoot will follow...

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