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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

'Nursing' label: can I get away with it?

Next month this blog Welcome to the Quad is 1 year old. If you haven't noticed so far there is no 'nursing' label.

Many people (understandably) reason that:

Hodges' model is a model of nursing
models of nursing are 'old-hat'
therefore - Hodges' model is 'old-hat'.

That's a great pity and a rather short-sighted view at a time when long range vision is crucial. If you work in health and social care, but are not a nurse - you are most welcome here! If you work outside of health and social care a big welcome to you also. I'd love to hear who is visiting the blog (mum is that you?).

Hodges' model can be applied universally. Although multidisciplinary working is the mantra for all workers there are few cognitive tools beyond the usual suites of office applications.

So while Hodges' model owes much to and has much to offer nursing and learning disability, I would like to continue to stress the multidisciplinary label; for the time being anyway ;-)
Take care - holistic care (definitions) to follow..
P.S. Drupal is working, Skype credit confirmed and config working again, must revisit the podcast 2 draft, but first reading for work ...!

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