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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What Complex Threads We Weave

Hodges model axes and domainsTwo thoughts spring to mind when I look at h2cm's axes - INDIVIDUAL-GROUP and HUMANISTIC-MECHANISTIC. I wonder where they end and what does where mean exactly?

These questions prompted the combination of the model's axes and the care domains into a 5th domain: the spiritual. Could there be another view of this? Is it sensible to consider that a care concept lies at certain point on the individual axis for example? How does this relate to the mechanistic axis? Maybe this asks too much of what is a model to simplify complexity? Do these axes run-off forever? Do they join up at infinity?

Analemma image: Source Anthony AyiomamitisWhen we think of 'where' we tend to think in concrete (literally) terms. But where are you on this image?

Although this marvellous picture of the analemma helps extend our (physical) notions of where, this photo has its limits in that it captures the view from a certain latitude (a specific context). There are others. Our Earth bound sense of place takes on S-N-E-W, but if we travel far enough ....?

The mobius strip is an object of delight.

Perhaps unknowingly we are all topologists...

Happy equinox! WherEVER you are.

(Holistic care 2 will follow - timewise having to rely on draft post bank)

Analemma image credit: Anthony Ayiomamitis

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