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Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 highlights ...

The highlight of the year was the trip to Colombia in February with a presentation, workshop and meeting with quite a few students and their Professor. Lovely people, a warm, very well organised welcome and assistance c/o Luz Stella Saray, Prof. Wilson Canon, Andrea Ramirez and Fred Manrique / UPTC and many others. Colombia is an amazing country even on a brief visit:


It appears the conference link may have changed:

There were two poster presentations: Health Literacy, Manchester in June and the CARDI conference last month in Dublin. The latest poster was a great improvement on June's effort thanks to Prof. Kernohan; and there's a paper to follow.

September brought The Difference that Makes a Difference held at the Open University, Milton Keynes, UK 7-9 Sept 2011. It was a great experience being able to contribute to an event outside of health and social care. Quite a change also to be on the panel and able to respond to a question or two. I find information a fascinating subject. I wish there had been time to respond to the call for papers (and another on health literacy) but there was not enough time. There's more besides posted here on W2tQ, Drupalcon London in August.

I wonder what 2012 will bring...? I've nine days leave left up to the end of March so will be packing the laptop to focus on Drupal up in the Lake District.

Sue and I have tickets for Leonardo at the National Gallery. I can't wait for this after last years visit to The British Museum exhibition Fra Angelico to Leonardo: Italian Renaissance drawings


Next month it looks like I may be moving from Nursing Home Liaison to the Intermediate Support Team.

Thanks for your visit and interest.
Whatever else happens in 2012 I hope the wishes and dreams of individuals and Nations in search of peace and freedom come true. Remember+ChangeHappens2.
Best wishes to all!

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