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Friday, March 06, 2009

The moon, Saturn V, policy and holistic care

The last time human kind ventured to the moon it took a three-stage rocket to get us there.

Unlike the space race and Kennedy's breathtaking commitment, there never has been a political objective akin to - "We choose to achieve holistic care in this decade, and do the other things like multidisciplinary, integrated, electronically supported collaborative care. ..."

Perhaps the UK's series of National Service Frameworks goes some way towards this, with the Next Stage Review over the next decade set to make the holistic difference?

So, it appears that the objective of holistic care isn't easy, like going to the moon it is hard and in this problem domain - care engineering - we have had more than a decade to get there.

There has been a space race in nursing. A race to fill curricula, wards and the heads of many with models and theories of nursing.

Like Apollo this race has petered out.
Like Apollo this programme is safety critical.
Like Apollo ambition can be re-kindled.

We need a new imperative. Something to charge policy landscape of our time. There is still a need to deliver on this and the other things....

Hodges' model is a marvellous delivery system.

Unlike the Saturn V it boasts four stages.
Like the Saturn V it incorporates the means to take us to some place and make the journey back: quantity - quality and the universe between.

The stages of h2cm are interchangeable their use dictated by the situation and context. There is even recourse to a virtual fifth stage as required, since as the astronauts found:

you can find bliss up there : looking down here

Image source: ABC News

Ack: John F. Kennedy Moon Speech - Rice Stadium