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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Musings... axes in hand and mind


Axes in hand and mind
[Accounting for the I-G (individual-group) axis and the need for the H-M axis]

Clearly there is a need for a basic scaffold. One that reflects the real world and the real time to which we are all exposed and are a part; and one that can also represent the model(s) we wish to create - the products of our health care, nursing activities. The scaffold we build must be one on which we can hang concepts and for simplicities sake human (care) concerns. Specifically a conceptual scaffold and a human scaffold. The latter can be represented simply as a continuum from INDIVIDUAL to GROUP, hereafter referred to as I-G.

The other, the conceptual scaffold, calls for what might be termed conceptual inflation. If we imagine the I-G as the vertical challenge (remember the health & safety issue!) and draw with the 'individual' at the top, then there is much we can model based on this basic dichotomy. This is too simple however. We cannot capture the part of the rich tapestry that is life - well-being, health - and death. For this another axis is needed.

(Which begs me to ask myself:
is there a law that suggests that one axis however oriented invites another?)

With this further partition and heralding of a further dichotomy what is lost? What is gained, if anything? In scribing this first line we explicitly separate the 'one' - the self from the other. The addition of another axis is where and how we define a center. With this center and from it we can find the energy to fuel our conceptual inflation. We literally draw out the foundation by considering what these persons do? ...

Conceptual inflation: Four-fold nursing agnostics
PJ Dec 2010

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