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Sunday, May 12, 2013

International Nurses' Day 2013: "The drama of it All"

There is a new nursing drama series starting on BBC TV next week - Frankie:
District nurse Frankie Maddox is a saint. At least she would be if it weren’t for her fondness for red wine, loud music, ghastly singing and fast cars.

Whether it’s an elderly man with dementia, a pregnant woman whose husband is on duty in Afghanistan or a sickly young child who’s never at school, nothing is too much trouble for this caring, smiley character. “Why do you always insist there’s something we can do, when sometimes there isn’t?” snaps Dr Evans (Jemma Redgrave). Because “the world is my patient,” Frankie explains, although she has the grace to grimace after delivering such a clunking line (from Radio Times).
That line may be clunking as a piece of dramatic prose, but there is a need to make some noise that extends beyond nursing's one-to-one encounters.

We are well aware of the challenges that the NHS faces, the themes are well known and read like a script that is increasingly played out on wards, the media and in parliament. The latest playwright is Francis. This is the drama we cannot ignore locally.

What of nursing globally on IND 2013?

The nursing communities within the various nations must also listen to the world. We can make a difference as individuals by challenging our often parochial perspectives; by trying to travel, seeking to engage with others electronically and learn what global nursing organizations are doing on our behalf.

Best wishes to nurses everywhere.

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