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Friday, April 20, 2018

Happy Birthday blog - 12 years old & Goodbye

Well since April 20th 2006 and my first post here there's been a few milestones:

  • separation and divorce 2008-2011
  • cataract ops (left and right) c/o Messrs. Heaven & Mars at Wigan's Royal Albert Edward Infirmary
  • Same employer (since 1985) but was able to move from Chorley & Preston to West Lancashire (nearer to home)
  • Presentations on the Health Career Model in Colombia, Jordan, Barcelona and other UK venues
  • Blog archived by The British Library (http://www.webarchive.org.uk/ukwa/target/264142857/source/search)
  • Former website ISP ceased trading/operations 2015
  • Completion of an MRES in e-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Ongoing publication while full-time as a Community Mental Health Nurse
You can see and explore the blog's numbers if you have time, suffice to note from 28 posts in 2006 to -
2159 published in total
244 still in draft form (many of these need deleting)
1,044,546 page views
Of course a great many posts concern conferences, journal issues and announcements of various sorts. I have wondered about deleting these to isolate the posts on Hodges' model but I will leave as is.

The biggest milestone is becoming a Grandad: magic indeed.

The most glaring milestone is how early Drupal was mentioned on the blog then at version 4.7 in 2007. Still no site with Drupal now at 8.5.2.

There seems little point continuing here given the traffic and interest. So, we will see if any content here has a 'long tail'. Maybe I should refer to 'The Health Career Model'? Attaching a name as I have always sought to acknowledge, appears to stress the thought:
  • not invented here
In the race for 'evidence' people are passing over a veritable collage of care littered with theory and practice. A great loss given the potential utility in helping to address 21st Century challenges.

Thanks to everyone who has read and agreed to my posting their material.

If you have some suitable content by all means get in touch, otherwise posts will be much less - while I focus on Drupal and that new site...