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Saturday, April 18, 2020

the What, When, Where, Why of online healthcare information exclusion

humanistic ----------------------------------------------- mechanistic
group - population

Mental Health factors

Lack of confidence in device usage

Self-exclusion due to lack of motivation (sense of information overload, trust); or multiple illiteracies: 3Rs, health, IT, information.

Articulation of MY 
health information needs

Health literacy (and others) still 
emerging as a discipline

Lack of time to focus on 'my' health due to other constraints 
and social pressures: duties / work

Ethics: Primacy of message?
My health or forest logging, 
over-fishing, selling x,y,z ?
Physical health factors
 (mobility, senses, ableness ...
Inverse Care Law)

Geographic issues - 
terrain remoteness
Non-existent or 
poor broadband services

No access to energy supply

Quality and safety concerns

Need for more research 
- change studies, innovation.
Media modalities: paper->digital, speech (theatre?)->digital ...
Design, Usability
Grammatical/reading age checks

Individual's understanding 
of the benefits of
 online healthcare information.

No spare - individual - income 
for online services due to
 family welfare - food ...

Languages not available

Cultural factors, negative attitudes

Personal space in group settings
(privacy, concentration, engagement)

Articulation of MY 
family's health information needs
Availability of Community initiatives
shared access schemes?

Policies / Funding 
of telecoms infrastructure:
community - industry - gov 
collaboration & partnership*

'Market' conditions - governance

Being 'permitted' to have access, 
use of devices - girls/women.

Being voluntarily displaced
from local community by work (continuity)

Government control of access to services - 
political fire-walls ('noise'?)
Use of pay-walls


Refugees - Disasters

Deliberate publication of
 fake-(health) news.
Gov & Corp. 
control of this and advertising.

Open to suggestions for any additions ...?

Prompt: HIFA message.

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