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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Conference Papers and Posters

Next month it’s the annual health care computing bash in Harrogate - HC2007. My first visit was back in 1986 when the venue was Manchester. I’ve been fortunate on a couple of occasions to attend the whole event, that is the conference and exhibition. If you can get there for one day and take in the free exhibition it’s well worth the effort. I try to kill two birds with one stone and visit on the day when the British Computer Society Nursing Specialist Group also has its AGM.

For many people the ‘reminder’ often comes rather late in terms of contributing a paper. As an alternative a poster is a great way to take part and of course h2cm is ideally suited to this type of presentation. Posters are a useful way to highlight projects still in their early stages. Looking at this year's HC2007 theme there's a lost opportunity in publicising Hodges' model and Challenging Boundaries.


Unfortunately I can't get there this year, but if you can - be that Harrogate or another conference - ENJOY and safe travels. (If it runs again do keep an eye open for the HC bursary in 2008 - well worth entering!)

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