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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Think Tank Invitation: Environment, Citizenry, Ecosystem & Health [1]

Dear Welcome to the Quad blog visitor,

Thank you for your ongoing interest and accepting this think-tank invitation.

In the session you and your fellow delegates are asked to debate and order the following:

  • citizenry
  • ecosystem
  • environment
  • health promotion
Various bodies from national governments, lobby groups, media and UN constantly stress the need to address each of these factors. They are, however, often considered in isolation from each other at a time when integration is vital.

Jigsaw http://www.david-louis.com/detail.asp?productId=15Your task then is to solve this four-piece jig-saw puzzle. Success, however, is not only measured by a completed puzzle. You must collectively debate and agree on how to cut the jig. Which - if any - factor should have priority? Where exactly do citizens figure in this picture?

Obviously a four-piece puzzle is child's play. The adult (citizen!) challenge comes from your decision: Is this puzzle arranged 2 x 2 or 1 x 4? More to follow... RSVP indeed...

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