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Monday, January 29, 2007

Hodges model: Reading List?

From the few and much appreciated comments received thus far, Hodges' model is clearly being used by students and clinical tutors.

If h2cm were a taught module and part of a course then what texts and other resources would the reading list include?

Are there any books / thinkers that you would recommend, authors whose ideas are in sympathy with h2cm or themes that are an absolute must? Sometimes we also learn through difference and change. Is there an opportunity here to compare and contrast Hodges' approach with others?

Apart from a chapter in Hinchcliffe (1989) and other references, there is no substantive text or book on Hodges' model. If browsing your favourite bookshop you found the h2cm book, what would you expect to see in the contents? What chapter titles would be listed and could you contribute a chapter?

I look forward to hearing from you, whether by commenting to this post or mailing me at h2cmng @ yahoo.co.uk.

Many thanks.

Hinchcliffe, S.M. (Ed.) (1989). Nursing Practice and Health Care, [1st Edition only], London, Edward Arnold.

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