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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hodges model: What is it? [2] It’s an interface...

A further response to the “What is Hodges' model?” question is that the model is an interface. We tend to think of the word interface as a modern invention, referring to an information solution or computer system aspect that conjures up hopes of qualities like ‘user-friendly’, ‘open’, ‘accessible’ and ‘uncluttered’.

2001 A Space Odyssey - Ape bone toolsOf course technology is not new, interfaces have been around for several millions of years, as realised in Clarke’s 2001. More recently, someone recognised the need for a H.H.I.: human-horse interface and reins were born (or emerged).

Just like the courage, patience and skill needed to manage horses, the same applies to sociotechnical interfaces realised in software (and hardware). If you don't listen and whisper and get it wrong, the rider could have the whip out, someone might be thrown and even if you do reach the finish line you’ll be chasing dust (even worse than that the dust may have settled!).

In the 1980s writing some (very BASIC) educational software on the Sinclair ZX81 and BBC microcomputer, this word interface even then demanded your attention. Interfaces present many challenges; they should be fit-for-purpose, safe! (health, air-traffic control...), logical, structured and organised (usually), also self-explanatory or self-describing if possible. In short intuitive and many would now also demand some 'intelligence'.

Those four perspectives from the house of ideas I mentioned the other day, that were combined into the ship or yacht's sails is a powerful analogy for another reason. It's an example of economy of effort – otherwise why bother? Bringing those four disciplines together folds space and time. We can start to relate items in one disicplinary domain (perspective) with others. Previously disparate disciplines are suddenly more accessible. (I'm not sure if that last line is a sentence, but never mind isn't accessibility a feature of interfaces?)

This is NOT just about creating an overview. In interface speak it can be fairly easy to create a quick and aesthetically pleasing 'front end'. If that's what is needed fair enough, but Hodges' model - while simplistic in appearance - is much deeper than that.

globe & compassWith reins in hand and sails trimmed our forebears shaped history, with a compass in mind the possibilities for travel are endless.

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