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Friday, January 26, 2007

Hodges model: What is it? [4] A Periplus for Lifelong Learning

PeriplusAccording to Cunliffe’s (2001) book about the voyages of the ancient Greek explorer Pytheas, early mariners navigated using a text called a periplus. Providing some of the earliest recorded observational views of the world, the periplus described coastlines by landmarks, winds and topography.

Within care education h2cm acts as a periplus for learners, an aide memoir and reflective tool, a space to record those initial sightings and learning encounters. A map providing reference points for group discussion, engagement and debate. The model provides place holders for knowledge, the exact position, content and process of revision are not fixed. Hodges’ model provides the coastline in template form; the context defines the topography – the landmarks.

We would usually expect that learners maps will change more rapidly than the geographic coastlines, but for how much longer...

Cunliffe, B. (2001) The Extraordinary Voyage of Pytheas the Greek, Penguin.

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