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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Next paper? Conceptual Spaces and Hodges' model

Somebody is in trouble.

I have not run the server for quite a while, so my Drupal skills (what they were) are in back-pedal mode again. I have been reading a bit on Ruby, but overall this is painful.

Drupalcon 2008 Sgezed is booked so at least there is an ideal opportunity to get drenched in Drupal for a week.

My excuse is that I've been carried away with what I can call the '3rd paper'. It remains to be seen whether this one makes it as a book chapter, but the working title is -
Hodges model:
Aide-mémoire or Candidate Gardenforsian Conceptual Space?
While the two page introduction uses the same two figures for the model's the axes and domains, the text is new, referring the reader to other sources for more details on the model. Thus far the 5,200 words are structured and contain the following:
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Cognitive Science, Computation and Computer Graphics
  • Conceptual Spaces, Representation and Icons
  • Forms of Literacy, Requirements and Socio-technical Perspectives
  • Gardenfors: Definitions - Domains, Quality Dimensions, Properties, Convexity
  • Nursing, Care Theory and Domains
  • Conceptual Space, Hodges’ model, Process and Practice
  • Closing Discussion - Scope of Application
  • References= 32
  • Figures At least= 2
  • Tables= 6
  • Acknowledgements