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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Drupalcon 2008 Szeged, Hungary

Attila József Study and Information CentreI'm writing this from the Attila József Study and Information Centre here in the beautiful city of Szeged, southern Hungary - the venue for Drupalcon. The main sessions ended yesterday and today it's the code and documentation sprint.

There are a lot of heads buzzing and fingers itching to put new found pearls of Drupal wisdom into practice. The sense of 'community' here is amazing and as many people have said it's been an awesome experience (and a totally +ve distraction) for me.

All the main and birds of a feather sessions I've attended have been excellent in getting me to the point were I must make my fingers drupy from coding. I really need to get to publish a Drupal site and get some feedback about what people want to see, hear and think about. The suggestion of a 'beta' site is a great idea put to me this week.

The Drupal community also has an eye on the semantic web and several sessions have focussed on this essential trend. There are some modules here that could really support the learning and other objectives for Hodges' model:

  • hierarchical select
  • taxonomy manager
In addition to a talk on hierarchical select, yesterday there was an equally cool presentation on The Neologism Project:
Neologism is a simple web-based RDF Schema vocabulary editor and publishing system. Use it to create RDF classes and properties, which are needed to publish data on the Semantic Web.
So many challenges, much to think about and most of all much to do.

Many, many thanks to Dan, James and Mikelis for your help and support this past week - and the NW England Drupal crew.

Well I have to say it:
Drupal and this community of people absolutely Rock!

Now to check some documentation and listen in to code sprint.

Image sources: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/University_of_Szeged