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Monday, November 03, 2008

Research Capability Programme NHS UK - consultation

From: The NHS-HE CONNECTIVITY PROJECT Forum - Malcolm TeagueSent: Thursday, 30 October, 2008 16:42:25
Subject: Research Capability Programme - consultation

Consultation on the wider use of patient information

I attended a briefing event on the Research Capability Programme yesterday in Birmingham which was very informative and excellent progress is being made. It was mentioned that the researchers view was under-represented at the moment in the consultation on the wider use of NHS data eg for clinical research. Researchers currently represent only 2% of the responses. But I have just completed it as an NHS user which was the category that best fitted, so everyone can take part. It also takes you through the scenarios gently step by step. Anyway it would be great if you could encourage as many colleagues to take part as possible at:


There were a series of RCP briefing events so some of you may already have attended elsewhere. The presentations are going to be made available so I will endeavour to pass those on in some way later. The NHS-HE Forum got a positive mention from Sir Alex Markham!

Many thanks,