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Thursday, January 01, 2009

"EU: 50 years of rights and opportunities" a sort of "Encyclopaedia of European programmes"

Happy New Year to one and all....

How time flies! 2007 was a 50th anniversary for the EU, here are details about a valuable free resource about EU programmes....

If printed it would be like a book of 5,000 pages...

eu together logoIt is the multimedia Guide "50 years of rights and opportunities" a sort of "Encyclopaedia of European programmes" published by a network of social organization, as part of a project run in the frame of the Europe for citizens programme of the European Union.

The guide, available online at www.together50years.eu and also on a Cd-rom distributed for free, contains information on initiative and programmes in the fields of citizenship, culture, training, participation and job opportunities promoted by European institutions (not only the European Union but also the Council of Europe).

In the guide there's also a list of about 150 international institutions and offices offering training, internship and job opportunities to young people, graduated or not.

A NON-EXHAUSTIVE list of the programmes, initiatives and services included in the Guide, contains:

- Youth in Action
- Longlife learning (Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, Comenius, etc)
- Culture 2007
- Tempus III
- Media
- Progress
- Executive Training Programme
- European Social Fund
- Junior Professional Officer
- UE-Canada Co-operation
- UE-USA Co-operation
- UE-Australia Co-operation
- Ue-Japan Co-operation
- Erasmus Mundus
- Aschberg-Unesco Bursaries
- Atlantis
- Eures
- Cedefop
- Epso
- Eqf
- Europass
- Eurodesk

...and many more...

On the website you'll also find how to acquire the CDROM.

My source: received from together50years.eu