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Monday, January 19, 2009

Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine invites applications for bursary places 15th Oxford Workshop on Teaching Evidence-Based Health Care

The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine invites applications for bursary places on the 15th Oxford Workshop on Teaching Evidence-Based Health Care.

This workshop will take place
7th - 11th September 2009
St. Hugh's College, Oxford, UK.

Applications for bursary places should enclose a CV plus a letter detailing their current involvement in evidence-based practice and outlining what they would do with the knowledge gained on the workshop.

The workshop is aimed at clinicians and other health care professionals, including those involved in mental health, who already have some knowledge of critical appraisal and experience in the practice of evidence-based health care and who want to explore issues around teaching evidence-based medicine. The workshop is NOT intended to serve as an introduction to evidence-based medicine itself.

There will be two main themes running throughout the workshop:

Teaching will be addressed through the exploration of difference educational models for teaching evidence-based practice and identification and discussion of issues of pedagogy, curriculum design development and maintenance. The aim will be to promote the teaching of evidence-based health care at your home institution.

Personal Development will be addressed by offering guidance and help in extending and advancing participants’ existing critical appraisal and teaching skills.

All bursary applications will be considered at the end of March.

The bursary will cover the complete workshop fees, but applicants will need to obtain their own funding for accommodation and travel.

All good wishes,


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