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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Complex signatures

A signature is a very personal thing and has been since writing, power and authority were formalised in pre-printing times. Today with identity theft rampant, effective means of assuring, legitimating and protecting 'signatures' of various forms is a pressing concern.

Signatures matter in health and social care and not just because of individual budgets, but there again....

If an individual is suddenly vested with a budget for personalised care, then what about our expectations of them? What are the expectations of the councils counting pennies length and breadth of the land? The creative use of budgets depends upon self-knowledge, or reliance of the knowledge and experience of others. If things are to change - this requires in the first instance, personal reflection and insight that instils the confidence to take risks, a critical degree of self awareness with a piquant of realism. In the second instance an internet portal, other resources, perhaps a person is needed gifted (indeed) with holistic oversight and awareness of the individual's 4-5 fold unique care signature and local care economy.

Signatures are not new in health care. An effective relapse signature is a difficult and personally costly resource to identify, implement and refine. And yet this invaluable currency facilitates self-care management for many people with mental health problems and long term medical conditions.

Just as our written signatures change as we age, people had better get creative to ensure individuals are equipped and can be equipped with a care signature of their own.

Yours Truly,