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Monday, May 25, 2009

NHS: Welcome to the world of churning?

In February (hey, give me chance - I am part-time!) in the HSJ was a news item about the NHS Constitution which warned of the huge bill that looms in the need to provide choice information for patients. Quoted figures c/o health economists at the Department of Health put "the best case scenario of a cost of £5.2m per year (£33,000 per PCT) 5.5 per cent of patients would need to switch providers".

We are all accustomed to switching providers when it comes to telephone, gas, electricity, TV, internet-broadband in various combinations. Some 'real' markets need their business models to recognise and take account of the fact that a proportion of the market switch service providers - in other word they churn.

You have to ask I suppose are the +ve and -ve qualities and impact of churners in these markets equivalent to those in health and social care? The future is a place and time of complex deals no doubt...

Crump, H. (2009). Huge bill looms for choice information, HSJ, February 5, p. 5.

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