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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Distorted care

Some musical performances are so polished, clear and (p)honed that we readily attribute them to the classical genre. There are experimental pieces that 'buck this quality trend' but the musicianship, melody and composition stand the test of time grabbing audiences by the ear, throat and heart. On the popular music front some bands - The Eagles spring to mind - are not universally appreciated for their sound, (sales), shine and harmonies.

Whatever the music though if you ramp up the volume enough - distortion happens. This disturbs and disrupts the artist's, composer's and producer's original intent.

The worry is that care can be similarly distorted, not only by those who can shout the loudest creating noise, but the political clamour that creates its own form of cultural background radiation. It becomes hard for everyone to listen and reflect on the track we've heard so many times since our teen years:
you know the one - 'Quality Care' by 'Informed Debate, Health & Social Lookyafters'.

Image my source: Sodahead.com

Additional link - BBC: Compulsory social care bill plan