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Friday, February 05, 2010

RCN UK 2010 General Election 6 priorities - framed in Hodges' model

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The RCN's 6 priorities hit the POLITICAL sweet-spot. In the table below I have related each of the priorities to a care domain of Hodges' model with a rationale that follows:

Give nurses time to train

Protect the Nation's health
Improve care for those with
long term conditions

Standing up for staff who speak out
Safer staffing levels
Sustain health care investment

Timeout from the clinical arena for training is always a political issue. It is also at the behest of the individual. This includes individual practitioners and their managers.

The public's health (and mental health) is of course grounded in the group, but is initially framed by evidence, knowledge and preventive medicine.

Long term conditions may impact the quality of life of the individual concerned, but the effect on carers and the social ripples are also profound.

The Demand - Supply equation in health care may be reduced to raw, mechanical numbers, but they quickly become the political football of investment statistics.

So many false economies in stretching the more expensive resources when it comes to staff AND patient (carer) safety. Skill mix and staffing levels are vital for job satisfaction, service development, quality and safe outcomes.

Motivation and intent may be concepts exercised by individuals, but the political environment must support nurses who speak out for high standards of care, safety, the public good.

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