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Thursday, August 26, 2010

PC footprints 1981 - 2010

Peter Jones 2010 Eden ProjectAt the Eden Project there is a sculpture which depicts the e-hardware an average Jo will use and dispose of in a lifetime (those teeth are made up of computer mouse). Overall this amounts to 3.3 tonnes.

I've listed this before on W2tQ, but my micro - PC footprint runs as follows:

  • Sinclair ZX81 - 1981
  • BBC microcomputer model 'B'
  • BBC Master 128 - 1986
  • Elonex 286 PC
  • Dell 486 PC
  • MacBook Pro - October 2008
  • Evesham Pentium 4 PC - November 2002
This w/e after Drupalcon I am adding to my pile. I've managed very well, but it is definitely time for a new PC.

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