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Friday, September 03, 2010

Drupal musings 13: Packaged care and modules

Packt book cover 'Social Networking'Although I do not need to sit at the front for presentations anymore, I did so at Drupalcon as the electricity plugs were few and forward. There was a bonus. Being in the right place... I picked up a free book c/o Packt Publishing who were among the exhibitors and valued sponsors. The book is Michael Peacock's Social Networking (don't panic I'm not going to review it!). Since returning from Copenhagen I've been using Drupal 6 and 7 on a daily basis. Checking just what some of the key modules, such as Taxonomy, Taxonomy Manager, and Groups have to offer. What are the configuration options and how well do modules integrate?

In the book Michael lists the Drupal modules he relies on to create a site worthy of the book's title. He explains that many modules are themselves 'packaged' for example - the Activity module:

Activity: Activity
Activity: Activity history
Activity: Comment activity
Activity: Node activity
Activity: OG# activity (#organic groups) p.140

This highlights the multifunctional capability of modules which leads me to wonder* about what functionality might be found in future modules:

Intrapersonal: Communication
Intrapersonal: Mood
Intrapersonal: Cognition
Intrapersonal: Diagnosis
Intrapersonal: Interests
Intrapersonal: Risk
Intrapersonal: Skills-Education

Sciences: Observations
Sciences: Physical attributes
Sciences: Mobility
Sciences: Nutrition
Sciences: Diagnosis
Sciences: Physical safety

Sociology: Relationships
Sociology: Ethnicity
Sociology: Interests
Sociology: Religion
Sociology: Carer assessment

Political: Marital status
Political: Employment
Political: Benefits-Welfare
Political: Capacity
Political: Autonomy
Political: Mental Health Act status

Further news:
The new PC is ordered 10-12 days until its arrival. Yes, I could go DIY, but I'm busy.

This Saturday evening I will have some 4-5 hours with the client of the basic Drupal 6 site. Very much looking forward to that. Must remember KISS!

*Not necessarily an actual proposal!

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