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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Presentation(s) at 1st Int. Congress of Nursing Models and Theories in Colombia

I will revise this post over the coming week and add more, including one of the Spanish slides.

Many thanks to Danny Eduardo Rodriguez for meeting me at the airport (and to everyone who waited  with Eduardo). Hearing my name and seeing the university transport proved instantly reassuring. Thanks also Eduardo for the in-session translation - a great help and for your efforts to ensure I felt at home and a part of things: I certainly did. ... 

Well I am due to leave Paipa soon for Bogota El Dorado airport and the trip home via Paris. It is a beautiful day in Paipa. Very warm, bright sun, from my room I can see people water skiing on the lake.

Yesterday's presentation, workshop and Q and A session were very well received through a lecture and workshop. These would not have been as successful with the brilliant work* of Interpreter Andrea Ramirez on both occasions.
I had started to add some Spanish translations to my slides and these were checked and extended by Luz Stella Saray and Prof. Wilson Canon Montanez, (UDeS) to whom I extend sincere thanks (a good photographer too!).

In the morning session Andrea related each slide in Spanish after my account. For the workshop I had emailed the case study in English with a Spanish version c/o Google translate. This had been checked and improved and the format we followed was for students to read the case study and then individually draw out the aspects of Alice's case (fictitious yet based on 20+ years of experience) which they feel significant across the care domains. During this exercise for 20-25 minutes Andrea assisted again with some questions from individual students. Then in groups of 4-5 they collectively reflected on their 'results'. Finally each group in turn offered one item for each of the four domains. Astute questions from the floor and discussions followed. Not having done this before, with the addition of translation I was surprised at how well it worked: instant teamwork!

At 5.30 Luz had arranged to meet to discuss nursing in England. A little jet-lagged, I thought she meant with 2-3 colleagues, but in the end the room was filled as we were joined by 60-70 students in a circle. I can't believe that 90 minutes passed. The students and faculty are so very enthusiastic, charming, friendly and knowledgeable. Two days is not long to learn and make judgements, but from the student's questions they seem acutely aware of the specific health challenges and issues they face in Colombia. Their professor's approach in pursuing this meeting reflected an awareness of 'nursing as it is learned and practiced elsewhere'. I advised I was not able to speak generally, outlining my specific role and location. I let them know I was drawing from matters I do know (as highlighted on W2tQ) and personal experience. The notion of 'basic nursing care' is clearly and unsurprisingly universal given this encounter.

You do need to consider such travel very carefully: your health, security, travelling alone... The organisers took care of this assuring a personal meeting at the airport, transport and accommodation. The journey was hard for me from the UK. A short hop Manchester to Paris 1.15-30 was followed by an 11 hr and 10 hr flight back home passing through Bogota. Travel is difficult due to the condition of the roads, driving laws and the traffic situation that the populous of Bogota faces; but where there are 'gaps' (pot holes!) there is a way through.

I never would have believed I would set foot in South America. To stand under Orion and see Canopus was another dream come true. As Space Shuttle Discovery set off on her last flight I was making discoveries of my own in helping others do the same.

I am very grateful to GICS - the three Universities UPTC, UdeS and Unillanos who invited me and supported my attendance; plus my employer Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust and colleagues covering duty for new referrals at the Beechurst Unit, Chorley, Lancashire. This has been a marvellous experience, with many contacts made that I hope will grow in the future.

*Presenting in Spanish at the conference (Teoría “Marco de la Organización Sistémica” con enfoque en Familia), Dr Marie Luise Friedemann - RN, PHD and her husband informed me of Andrea's effectiveness and memory feat. Dr Friedemann, Profesora de la Universidad Internacional de la Florida, in Miami and I also hope to compare our respective interests.

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