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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

h2cm presentation: Colombia Nursing Theory conference (slides from Feb)

As the slides from Milton Keynes and DTMD 2011 are posted, here below are the slides from February. There are some 'artifacts' in there - the question marks were included then replaced by the text as part of the animations (as with the stick figures). The Colombia slides provided the template for the ten minute talk last Thursday. It was a very useful experience, exercising discipline to cram sufficient explanation in to cover the slides in the brief time available. No time for animations. The Chairs for the sessions did a great job, providing a 3 minute warning.

Colombia remains a real highlight: three of the slides are in Spanish thanks to Luz Stella Saray and Prof. Wilson Canon Montanez for their translation skills. (Any mistakes are mine in data transfer / formatting).

The next event to prepare for is Dublin in November: a poster. This will really be different and I need to see what production / printing resources I can access, taking portability into account.

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