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Monday, September 26, 2011

PJ's project [i]: Hodges' model An aide mémoire, or candidate Gärdenforsian conceptual space?

I'll expand on this over the coming months ... first something a bit off the wall...

Now and again I revisit what started as my 'notes' on conceptual spaces. This could be an embarrassing case of mistaken identity (and an embarrassing series of blog post!).

As with everything what is the cost? Well in words .....

1,300    2,400          5,567                        10,534                                   20,340 ...

I add text. I subtract.
Possibilities are appended. Relevance is questioned.

Where IS the panoptic eye?
Where to find the supervision that can ground me?

(Their flies the constant: Astronautic dreams; Young, Cernan, Aldrin, Armstrong, Yuri, Tereshkova and you too Albert II)

Structure emerges.
Potential strategies form to combine interests and efforts.

Te                  the                    xt 
So how is the nursing stack?

Quality of Care?
Dignity & Respect?
Confidence in Care?
Skills mix?

1st in : last out - OR....?

How to shuffle the decks that are nursing, informatics, cognitive science, and education?

Some text (thoughts) fails to mature -
beyond redundancy -
IT withers.

References are found. Some are metallic - key - sources. Some are virtual.

Some pass un-realised.  Present but lazy, not furthering the case.

Some are never recovered:............................
...............................:from paper scraps; from grey matter.

(Limited Orientation [don't panic] Should b Temporary)

Recovery. Who can recover from: LIFE? No choice in that. But do exercise. Travel past : now :  future : now : past ... forth and back ...

Toys R Us
Yo-YoUR memories are U

For a long time it collected virtual dust. Encoded on the hard disc long since last accessed. A Frozen amalgam of bits. But then, a return -


 The aRc of relief- fresh eyes, fresh thought, further insights ....

The overall structure changes. For a long time this project was h2cm, then additional thoughts a website, a blog, several papers with this - yet another. A possible submission, journal - conference?

Then a text; a project; a song*; possibly a thesis?  (* Only joking)

How many texts start this way?
How many are still born?
No cry, no joy, less holistic care.

I do believe h2cm is an example of a conceptual space.

It could be that there is ONE ' ' or several [Is it lexical, discursive, cognitive, enacted, ....?]

Where are the edges of h2cm?

The h+listic space


That space is idealised across ALL nursing theories. ButT (my head hurts) what sort of space is it? Shuffle the cards again, take one, memorize it.... Have we landed yet? Am I moving, or is that you?

Where is that space in practice now - and where is it post-midnight?

It is there in all care theories, they all count towards local - global health. Rejoice in eclectic care realms; in pre-post training and lifelong learning.

Roots or tendrils: it's all growth.


In books, on lecturer's lips, values carried forward in student's thoughts and deeds.

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