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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

CARDI conference Dublin 2011: Hodges' model - a poster element

Here is one element of the poster from last week's conference. This part is A3 in size and the linked preview below is to an archived copy on the Internet Archive. I will post the glocal version on W2tQ  in due course. As ever I wish I had more time to devote to producing such work. The symbol common to memory and giant global graph is intended to highlight a person's memory and the distributed 'memory' that is the Web. Such a representation can never capture all the subtleties involved, the overlaps, the contexts and perspectives.

The placement of some concepts is an invitation for reflection. For example, dementia and the use of anti-psychotic drugs also demands consideration of policy, liaison, primary-secondary-residential care interfaces, shared cared protocols, formal reviews, target behaviours, definitions of challenging behaviour, observation skills, clinical records, therapeutic interventions and the care environment ...  Some of the content, such as under Interpersonal Define 'safety', 'health'... seek to stress the same.

Big Society

Many thanks to the CARDI Committee for the opportunity to present, my employer Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust for study leave, and Prof. George Kernohan (Ulster.ac.uk) for assistance in supporting my attendance and in the production and printing of the poster. We plan to produce a paper based on the same.

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