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Monday, March 03, 2014

The limitations of the healthcare sector

decades there 
have been recurring 
issues, austerity measures, 
requirements, policy challenges, 
policy initiatives, gaps between theory 
and practice, a crisis in compassionate care, 
rising waiting times and a plethora of other concerns.

All these then and much more 
affect the

Clearly, there is no 'magic wand', but there must be a way to address some of the difficulties? 
Within health and social care, locally, nationally and globally we need a tool to help improve interprofessional reflective practice, to support person-centered, holistic care across physical, emotional, social, political and spiritual domains of care. 

The future demands a resource (free, open, easy to learn) that can also facilitate self-care, health literacy and the many carers within families and communities.
So, how big is your picture?

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