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Sunday, March 16, 2014

A *prospective* journal issue devoted to the "Health Career - Care Domains - Model"

Last month I was contacted regards the possibility of acting as associate editor for a journal issue devoted to Hodges' model, or a related theme.

At present with part-time studies having started in January and a residential week to following at the end of March I have rather got my hands full. I hope to post in the near future on how these studies are helping to shape my ideas.

One clear 'result' is the prompt to engage with residential and nursing homes in preparation for a 'small research study' I have to complete this northern Spring. I've two meetings organised thus far with home managers.

A journal issue is a great prospect however, a giant step in fact - for the conceptual framework and myself (I'd also contribute an editorial). Perhaps I could share this project with someone similarly minded regards the potential of Hodges' model in health and social care and without in education and informatics? It seems that this invitation will stand even if I can only pick it up in the future, end of 2015-2016...

In the sidebar, below the bibliography I've listed a publications to-do list that could be extended:

  • Hodges' model, structure, content and applications 
  • taking the 'career' out of Hodges' model and putting it back;
  • curriculum development;
  • reflective practice;
  • case formulation;
  • holistic care (and related perspectives, but in informatics, SOCIO-TECHNICAL);
  • the theory - practice gap;
  • threshold concepts;
  • and conceptual spaces;
  • integrated care; 
  • Nursing theory: future history - why they still matter;
  • quality assurance and care values;
  • multidisciplinary care and interprofessional education;
  • diagrams that care;
  • student contribution;
  • patient, service user contribution;
  • .... ?
The distance learning Technology Enhanced Learning course is stimulating many other insights. The learning is very collaborative and a great demonstrator in so many ways. The recent trip to London and meeting at London South Bank University also stressed the need for publishing in the 'popular' nursing press. Recent writing (recovery, recovery model) and studies also points to not being tied to original purposes of Hodges' model - but going beyond this ... far beyond: global health integration, health literacy, self-care, methodological approaches to critique and investigate Hodges' model. ...

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