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Saturday, August 15, 2015

In order to listen... 4 holistic care...

As we 'listen' to patients, carers and others in need of care - verbally and non-verbally - we need for safety's sake to be aware of our starting point and where we are heading. Even if only roughly, amid raw emotions, pain, confusion, fear and hope - that next step must be a safe one.

Is there a logic to the steps being taken? There may not be. Sometimes it is listening and being there. There may not be a clear destination, but how will we know when we have arrived at that point in-between? If the way becomes unclear, what signs do we read that might point to the need for an extra hand on the tiller?

Do we have the tools to remain oriented? Is there a compass-4-care? A re-source to map the journey we are both being taken upon?

If listening is but a part of holistic care, is there a tool we can utilise to integrate these many and yet unique journeys?

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