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Sunday, February 28, 2016

HSJ Mental health: A sign of the time(s)?

I'm a subscriber to HSJ and greatly enjoy reading it, even if this includes catching up.

The January 13th issue was headlined "2016: THE YEAR OF OPPORTUNITY?"

The editorial/leader A year of opportunities with many unanswered questions (pp. 3-4) spanned more than the usual single page and commented upon:

  • funding efficiency
  • services transformation
  • technology
  • commissioning
  • health and social care integration
  • primary care
  • hospitals
  • mental health
  • workforce
  • regulation
  • and leadership
Mental health has been much in the news of late with the promise of funding. HSJ noted:
"For mental health, the question is a simple one. Will the sector see the increased funding long promised?" p.4.
Leadership, regulation, workforce, health and social care integration, commissioning ... can all be related to mental health, but with February's news I wonder if mental health can be revisited as a piece of horizon scanning as per the sub-heading? Otherwise, before February is out - is this a case of "job done"?

There are roughly 60 sentences in the piece as a whole. Some of the sentences are quite long in contrast to the above.

Mental health 1 : 4 and yet here equivalent to 2 minutes - less in reality?
The mental health question may be simple, but the way it influences all the many unanswered questions including public - mental - health is obviously complex.
As a nurse manager I recall it being difficult to please everyone all of the time. Editors are similarly challenged, but mental health IS worthy of integration and journalistic recognition.

McLellan, A. (2016) A year of opportunities with many unanswered questions, Health Service Journal. 13 January 2016. 125: 6472, pp.3-4.

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