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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Paper: Geopolitical factors and mental health I [mapped to h2cm]

" ... we propose that mental health must be seen as a key strategic goal of foreign policy and be used as a measure of success of the foreign aid to ensure that individual people with mental illness are guaranteed a role and support in the civil society and their needs – clinical or social – do not get swept under the carpet. To this end, we examine some key statistics and to address the mental health needs of those worst placed, we propose an index – the Compassion, Action, Pragmatism and Evidence (CAPE) Vulnerability Index – that identifies the most vulnerable communities so that international aid may be more appropriately targeted, possibly ‘ring fenced’ making mental health a strategic building block of foreign policy." p.779.

humanistic ----------------------------------------------- mechanistic

wither mental health in relief,
shorter life compared with general population, 
poverty including

 As a child
As an adult

Vicious cycle 1:
Disaster experiences - mental health
Traumatic Stress Disorder**

Natural & man-made disasters,
health crises, e.g. Ebola,
Conflict, War
Climate warming
Humanitarian intervention:
Emphasis on
physical survival and physical health
Statistics: globally

Proposed index:
the Compassion, Action, Pragmatism and Evidence (CAPE) Vulnerability Index – that identifies the most vulnerable communities

Vicious cycle 1:
[**Intergenerational transmission of stress and trauma - Epigenetics, social memory]
 Social upheaval, migration and

mental illnesses assoc with
social failures such as
poor parenting, school failure,
domestic violence and toxic stress,
impacted prospects on earning a living,
social exclusion

Social Determinants of Health
Displacement refugees, poverty,
women, children,
 trafficking, rape

Foreign Policy
Relief: mental illness =
denial of - human rights, vote,
marriage, inheritance, make a will

Vicious cycle 2:
corruption - inequality
sequestration of assets
crime, law & order
Disaster ('declaration')

Mental health problems cost the world some
US$2.5 trillion per year
 (US$16.1 trillion by 2030)
Foreign aid & assistance
Foreign policy


Persaud, A. et al. (2018) Geopolitical factors and mental health I. International Journal of Social Psychiatry, 64(8) 778–785. DOI: 10.1177/0020764018808548

n.b. I have added epigenetics and the intergenerational transmission of stress and trauma.